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January 2019 Market Report

It’s a new year and the new market report is out!

The median price for homes in the Austin area in January 2019 was $296,999. Last January the median sale price was $290,000, a 2.41% increase in property prices year over year. Fewer homes sold this January than last, and homes stayed on market longer than they did in January 2018.

We’re starting to see a balance in market pricing, while also seeing signs of continued expansion throughout the greater Austin area. Seller’s can expect to receive market value prices for homes, and buyers can expect some inventory shortages as the market steadies.

January 25, 2019

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How to Save Money on Taxes with a Homestead Exemption

As we get closer to tax season, Homestead exemptions are a great way to reduce your taxable income, and provide limits to how much your property taxes can increase each year.

If you bought a house in 2018, make sure to file a homestead exemption by April 30th. 

A homestead exemption removes a portion of your home’s value from taxation and limits the increase of your property taxes. It only has to be filed one time. You are eligible to file if you bought a home in 2018 or prior, and it is your primary residence.

Before you file, your driver’s license must be up to date with your new home’s address.

For homes purchased in TRAVIS COUNTY:

  • E-file online here
  • You will need an Owner ID and PIN, which you can get by emailing or calling 512-834-9317.
For homes purchased in WILLIAMSON COUNTY:

  • E-file online here
  • Call 512.930.3787 with questions or use the chatbox on their site

**There is no fee to file a Homestead Exemption** 

Congrats to all the new homeowners last year! If you have upcoming lease expiration, please give me a call or email to talk about your buying options. I’d lvoe to be your resource for all things real estate, so please reach out with questions any time!

January 10, 2019