Spring Home Maintenance Tips

In Austin, rain showers bring spring flowers much sooner than April and May, and Spring is almost upon us! Homeowners should ideally follow a quarterly house care checklist to keep your property in great condition year-round. If this slipped your mind, here’s a few spring home maintenance tips to take care of before the summer.

1. Replace Roof Shingles

Yes, you read that right. Grab a ladder, or have a handyman come out to check the roof shingles in case any were lost, cracked, loose or damaged during winter storms or snow. In hotter climates, the summer sun can also damage roof shingles. Depending on the age of your home, it may be smart to start a ‘new roof’ budget for when it needs replacing.

2. Drain the Gutters

Look for any loose or leaky gutters by running a hose on the roof to check for proper drainage. Pull out any leaves and debris resting in the gutters and use caulk or epoxy to seal any leaks. If gutters are pulling away from the house, reattach them.

3. Keep a Level Foundation

Inspect concrete, masonry, and foundation walls for cracking or deterioration. If you’re able to insert a nickel into any cracks, call a professional immediately. Consider power washing and sealing slabs as necessary.

4. Pressure Wash Siding

Clean the siding of your home with a pressure washer to prevent mold form growing. Sand and apply primer to any exposed wood before re-painting. For brick exteriors, keep an eye out for moss growth by using a scrub brush or pressure wash to clean. Stone siding should also be washed annually and sealed every 5 years.

5. Walk the Yard

Rain can cause flooding in yards, which can lead to insect infestation and foundation damage. Fill any low areas with compacted soil to keep things level. Additionally, trim any overgrowth away from the home’s foundation.

6. Test Faucets and Sprinklers

Test all outdoor faucets and sprinklers for leaks, low water flow (indicates freezing) and broken spouts.

7. Inspect Window and Door Sills

Keep your home energy efficient, and your electric bills low! Inspect all exterior doors and windows. Fill any cracks, caulk the edges, and if need be purchase replacements.

8. Service the AC and Heating Unit

The last thing anyone needs in a Texas summer is a broken A/C unit. Have a licensed contractor clean and service the outside of the unit as well as the coils and interior filters. Clean units operate more efficiently and this annual service will keep your home cool and in top shape for the summer heat.

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